Radiolab Does It Again

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I've been listening to some old Radiolab podcasts lately. There was quite a bit of great feedback when I shared the podcast about Juana Molina a few months ago so I thought I'd share a few more. (If you haven't checked out Juana Molina's music, I highly recommend it, by the way.)  

You can always get the Radiolab podcasts from iTunes if you like to listen to things on your iPod or Zune or whatever. You can also stream or download the podcast episodes directly from their Radiolab pages if you'd rather. Here are 4 that I think you'll especially like:  

Musical Language This is an old one, but I think it's my absolute favorite of all the Radiolab podcasts. It discusses the music in everyday language. You'll never hear language the same way again.  

Pop Music: Why do songs get stuck in your head? This episode also features an amusing story about the Elvis of Afghanistan.  

It Might Be Science: They Might Be Giants do a record about Science. Funny, great music and educational.  

Radiolab Shorts - In C: This one is a short. I was completely lost in the music as I was listening to this episode. If nothing else, it's a great look at how different musical styles and approaches can make the same piece of music sound vastly different.  

Happy listening!

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