The Old Man Lory Mix

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I've finally finished a new mix. Even cooler, now that I have an awesome new computer, I've been able to add some polish. Now, if you choose to download the mix file, you get chapters and album artwork. I know, right. Go ahead and upload this to your iPod, if you want, it'll work even better than before with all of this new-fangled technology the kids have these days.

This mix makes me think of an awesome day on vacation. The kind of vacation where you don't really make huge plans. The kind where you're just hanging out with some awesome people and enjoying the day. You're probably in a park or at the beach or even just in someone's backyard. One of your your friends brought their dog.

If you're a member of the Mix Tape = Love Facebook group, you can get the mix a few different ways. If not... my Pirate Bay username is veganheathen. Do some searching and see what comes up.

You can also get the mix as an iMix from the iTunes store, if you so desire. Though the iTunes store left out the Blind Melon and Old 97's songs, so that's kinda lame.

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