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yeah yeah yeah, originally uploaded by Which Witch.

Just wanted to share this awesome picture I found while surfing Flickr for some wood textures. :)

Where the Wild Things Are Soundtrack

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When I saw the trailer for Where the Wild Things Are, I got very excited to see the movie.  I don't remember the books from my own childhood, I had more things like Dr. Seuss and Amelia Bedelia.  I finally saw the movie last week and while the film itself wasn't exactly what I expected, the soundtrack really got my attention.

Amidst the explosions Spike Jonze loves, the music really permeated the theater.  I think we all felt slightly awkward, happy, then angry, then confused, then glad, then frustrated and finally resigned and content.  Good job, Karen O.

What?  You didn't know?  Yep.  The soundtrack was composed and co-produced by Karen O, performed by Karen O and the Kids.  The Kids being her collaborators.  Not a shabby list including Deerhunter Bradford Cox, Yeah Yeah Yeahs Imaad Wasif, Nick Zinner and Brian Chase, Dead Weather/Raconteurs members Dean Fertita and Jack Lawrence, Liars' Aaron Hemphill, the Bird and the Bee's Greg Kurstin, Services' Tristan Bechet, and Gris Gris's Oscar Michel.  You can read another article and get the full list from Rolling Stone here.

I love that so many great artists got involved in making music for this movie.  It's not just because I think the wild things are cute.  It's because I love that I heard something different and new and great in a movie score besides just the normal violins and symphony.  Don't get me wrong - there's a place for that as well, I'm not knocking it.  I just really like when people take chances.  Especially when that chance turns into something wonderful to put in my ears.

Did I mention you can listen to the entire soundtrack for free online?  That's right... you can stream it directly from Imeem.  Enjoy.

stream Karen O and the Kids - Where the Wild Things Are Soundtrack


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stereomood - emotional internet radio
Stereomood is this nifty new site that I found today via a link from a friend's Facebook page.  The idea is this:  you're in a mood.  Some kind of unique mood that's different from yesterday or this morning or 5 minutes ago.  You have no idea what to listen to that matches this mood of yours.  Enter Stereomood.  Just choose the mood you're in from the tag cloud or search for it and bang!  An instant playlist that you can stream and listen to.

This morning I was listening to the "It's Raining" mood playlist because, well, I live in Vancouver it's pretty much raining most the time.  Specifically it was raining this morning.  It was a cool, mellow mix splashed with some fun songs like "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head" which was quite amusing.  Since I'm listening as I'm working, I decided to switch over to the "Lost in Thought" mood to see what was in there.  Nice, mellow music.  Nothing too crazy and loud, but nothing depressing either.

You can save playlists, make your own playlist, recommend songs to be added, add tags to songs, artists or albums.  There's also a link beside each song as it's playing to buy it from iTunes or Amazon, which is also nifty.  I've run across some interesting live versions of songs (Beck doing a live cover of an Elliot Smith song for example) which makes it interesting.

I think Stereomood can be a fun new way to listen to music when you're not sure what exactly you want to listen to.  It's also a great way to find new artists.  I haven't heard of quite a few of the bands I've been listening to today.

Go check it out by clicking on the banner link at the top of this post!  You'll find nifty stuff like what's playing for me right now... a crazy remix of Frank Sinatra singing "My Way".